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Some of our first demos from 2007. Pay what you want or pay nothing. Just know that if you do donate any money, it will directly fund merch projects, tours, promotion and demos for new material.

We have just released our 2nd studio album "White Arms of Athena", which truly reflects the vision we share for this band. Please give it a chance, and purchase at iTunes, Amazon, or WhiteArms.com, thanks!


released April 22, 2007



all rights reserved


White Arms of Athena Dallas, Texas

The new self-titled album is OUT NOW on Prosthetic Records. On "White Arms of Athena" we share an album that truly reflects the vision we have for this band. Produced by Travis Kammeyer, mixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered by Alan Douches.

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Track Name: Confrontations With A Ghost
A phone call stops the process, he puts his utensils down.
The voice states, "Something went wrong.
We can't send them back. They're coming for you."
I am a victim of my own creation.

The operators are of flesh and blood, but they bare no intelligence.

Soon enough, I'll get what I deserve. The longer, the better.
I knew no good could come of this.
Greed controls even the strongest of men.

The beam above my head fails, and they fall through
leaving nothing in their wake.
And as my top is torn from my bottom, no shrieks or screams.

Retribution is why I created them.
Retribution is what I created.
Track Name: Inhale In Exile
No matter what they pit against him, he will not conform.
Sometimes, soldiers fight alone and they win.
He fights alone and he wins. He wins.

He stands strong in his quest, and he shall rule with an iron fist.
Against the might of a million men, he wins.
He'll win battles, and he'll win wars, and he shall rule with an iron fist.
And the world shall see things his way.

Cold as stone, and fucking immortal.

But at the end of his miserable life he lays, and he says,
"Ill never know what comes of this place, but I know
I took my chances here. And now, I'll just do my time, alone.
But I can't stay in this place."

"And what of those nights, with the stars?
They were nothing to me, and shooting stars would be better
if they came down as the wishes we hoped for."
Track Name: An Epiphany
You've taught your sons to be loved by their mothers.
Because it's all in the story, in the way it's told, and how you listen.

Listen for the good, and the hopeful, and you shall see good things.
A life worth the wait.
Listen for the bad, and the hateful, and you shall see bad things.
A life hateful, not worth the wait.

Just listen.

Nothing makes sense here. You can't name this place.
But you jumped and now you're here until you decide to run.
But you can't decide. You can't decide.

Just listen.

That's the fact you're living to find. Running in all the wrong directions.
That's the fact you'll die living to find because you had no idea otherwise.
Running forever.

One day I found a way out, and decided to take it. Now things are odd and all that's known is distance.
And how can you sleep when you don't know how?

Because, it's all in the story, in the way it's told, and how you listen.

I've learned this; no amount of dedication goes unrewarded.
I've learned this; giving up is not always a sign of weakness.
Out here, no one can sense your weaknesses.

I have no space for the weak.
I'll keep with the strong.
Track Name: Dream Wonder Bread (bonus)
When the locusts swarm, and the drought begins
I'll be thinking about my friends.
All the fun we'll have hearing the cries and watching the plague rip out the eyes.
The water here can't be fixed. We'll make child's play of the river Styx.

Just close your eyes, breathe your last breath.
And watch out as we ride out on these fake horses.
A hit at this apocalypse.
Welcome to this.

Running through these fields of charcoal
the ground no longer burns my feet.
The embers crossing my eyes are no longer of any value to them.
The water in front of me moves with me.
And at the end of this field, a space.
In this space I sleep because in sleep I know I'll get away.